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Offering flowers is an integral part of the funeral rite.

They are a proof of love for the deceased, but also a mark of support for his family.

The flowers allow us to show that we accompany loved ones in their mourning, and that we share it.  

During opening hours:

The whole team is at your disposal to guide and direct you in your choice, according to your tastes and your budget.

Call  - Secure remote credit card payment

Outside opening hours:

- On our online sales site accessible 24 hours a day: HERE

The team will always do its best to achieve a composition that comes as close as possible to your wishes according to your budget,

but always bear in mind that each season has its flowers.

We are delivered, to guarantee you an irreproachable freshness,  2 times per week

We deliver your mourning pieces to the place and time of your choice

Sheaves and Snowshoes

Depending on its length, the racket can also be positioned on the coffin

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