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Ceremonial benches

Hung at the end of each bench/chair on the side of the central aisle, it is a decorative element appreciated for its charm and lightness.  

These little bouquets of  flowers help make the church more  warm and  more colorful  to break with the often austere and massive decoration.

The Altar

The bride and groom like their guests to have a flowery view of the altar by choosing compositions on /  in front of or on either side of the altar

The seats  married

Bouquets of chair more or less important, they are of the most beautiful effect for the photos

Entrance  from the church

The one to which all eyes will be focused when the bride and groom leave.

When possible, we can create a boa of flowers and foliage

Would you like a sumptuous throw of rose petals for the church outing?

It's a great idea, so romantic!

The Secular Ceremony

Often outside when the weather permits, we provide you with different arch models that we flower.

We can also offer you white lanterns

We will meet you with pleasure to discuss your project

by appointment only

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