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Origin of the wedding bouquet

The bridal bouquet has its roots in the Middle Ages, precisely at the time of the holy wars. Over the course of their journeys, it was the crosses that brought this tradition back to Europe. Initially composed of orange blossoms and made by the future wife, it was intended to symbolize her purity.

In France, from 1850, it was customary for the bouquet to be placed on a velvet cushion, under a glass bell jar which should take pride of place in the couple's home for the duration of their union. This was the case until the beginning of the First World War.

Symbolism of the composition

According to tradition, the choice and purchase of the bouquet is the responsibility of the future groom. It is also appropriate that he uses one of his flowers as a buttonhole.

Remember that the bouquet is selected according to your dress, your morphology and the theme of your wedding. We therefore carefully choose its shape, its colors and the varieties of flowers and plants that compose it.

You can also accessorize it with lace, ribbons, fruit or even feathers. We prefer seasonal flowers and we take into consideration their scents and their symbolism.

Here are some of our achievements

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